Area of Expertise

Genetic Lifesciences has a history of pioneering lifesaving and life-sustaining products, many of which were first of their kind, revolutionizing care across a broad spectrum of rare and hard-to-treat diseases. Learn more about our areas of expertise below.

Genetic Lifesciences in Gynacology

Genetic Lifesciences gynecology business is a leader in delivering transformative and personalized treatments for people. We have a rich history of bringing innovative therapeutics to the gynacology community based on our deep understanding of the patient journey. We have introduced a number of therapeutic firsts for gynae patients.

Today, Genetic Lifesciences leading the industry with the innovative product portfolio and meets individual therapy choices with a range of options at each treatment stage. Looking to the future, we continue to innovate to address some of the greatest challenges associated with gynae diseases.


Area of Interest

We align our focus with Genetic Lifesciences core businesses, directing our investment interests toward novel therapeutics, select diagnostics, IT solutions and leading-edge technology platforms that address disease management in these key therapeutic areas:

· Gynaecology

· Immunology

· Orthopaedics