Business Development

Geneitic Lifesciences business development team, which includes licensing, mergers and acquisitions, and alliance management, is dedicated to supporting the company’s growth through external innovation. Our goal is to advance Genetic Lifesciences’s patient-focused pipeline and help the company deliver on its promise to patients. Approachable and responsive, we endeavour to be a partner of choice and employ streamlined and innovative procedures to establish strong, productive relationships.
The team seeks out opportunities at every stage of the development timeline and considers a variety of deal structures that best support the needs of the transaction.
Information on our Areas of Interest and contact information for the appropriate Genetic Lifesciences Business Development professional is included below.

BD&L Process Overview

Primary contact begins with the search and evaluation (S&E) leads for our specific areas of interest. The near-term internal steps are:

The timeframe for these activities varies based on the complexity of the asset and the potential deal structure

  • Initial review of asset.
  • Provide feedback to innovator company
  • Establish a confidentiality agreement as needed.
  • Conduct a preliminary evaluation to better understand the asset.
  • Assess for strategic fit.
  • Pursue due diligence as appropriate