Research Areas
Genetic Lifesciences innovation efforts are focused on the development of therapies in gynaecology, immunology, and orthopaedics. In each therapeutic area, we work to innovate on behalf of patients and leverage partnerships with a shared purpose. Our bioethics policy and principles govern our efforts to research, develop, and provide products for critical therapies for patients.

Gynacology Research

Geneitic Lifescience is a leading company in the development, manufacturing, and processing. Genetic has developed a deep understanding of the patient journey to design treatment approaches that aim to address the greatest challenges associated with gynaecology, immunology and orthopaedics.

Our gynacology research is focused on introducing new treatments and other rare and chronic disorders. Our development goal is to further reduce the burden of disease for patients while maintaining the high standards for safety and efficacy that we have established with our current treatments.

In addition, Genetic Lifesciences R&D teams are working on strategies to create more individualized treatment regimens for patients. 

Immunology Research

In Immunology, Genetic Lifesciences is committed to being on the cutting-edge of new treatments as well as expanding into new therapeutic areas for our currently marketed products.
Genetic Lifesciences is expanding its pipeline with treatments for autoimmune diseases.